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Get Pregnant with List of Foods that Shrink Fibroid, and Balance Hormones

Here are list of foods that are healing, immune balancing, hormone modulating and anti-inflammatory: Remember that the more organic, the better because synthetic fertilizers contain organophosphates which are estrogens. Also avoid vegetables contaminated by dioxins, pesticides, insecticides, mycoestrogens from peanuts, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, pecans because all contain mold.

Eat non-sugary fruits and vegetables like watercress, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, kale, collard greens, beet greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, red potatoes, peppers (field peppers, bell peppers), cayenne peppers, grapefruit, lemon juice, limes, blue berries, egg plants, asparagus and curry. Organic egg is good. Cod liver oil is excellent, coconut oil is great. Fresh red palm oil is wonderful. Avoid vegetable oils like corn oil, safflower, sunflower oil, peanut oil. Olive oil should be used in moderation (organic extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil).

Drink a lot of alkaline water. Eight cups a day is a good start. Stop all sodas. I use glacier water from vending machine. Publix and Food Depot have theirs. A gallon is like 30 cents. And avoid anything to do with tap water. Take herb or green teas. Avoid coffees.

Candida and colon cleanse is necessary apart from liver and kidney detoxification.

Birth control pills contain estrogen as well as soy milk isoflavons and genisten, flax seed lignans are all forms of plant estrogens that make fibroids grow. So avoid them. Meat and dairy are laden with too much hormones (estrogens that make beef grow). Sea foods and contaminated fishes that eat them are also full of chemicals and heavy metals. Hence aggressive cleansing is necessary with treatment.

Here are the list of herbs/vegetables to avoid: Anise, hops, fennel, black cohosh,
milk thistle, clover, red clover, Donq Quai, licorice, ginseng, royal jelly, peony, nettle, sage, fenugreek, evening primrose oil, burdock, rhubarb, chamomile, sarsaparilla, French bean, date palm, dates, garlic, pomegranate, apple, soybean, chick pea, cherry, alfalfa, soya sprouts, cow pea, green beans, red beans, split pea, flaxseed, raspberry, carrot, squash, thyme and parsley.

Avoid all forms of processed and fragmented foods like commercial pounded yams, cookies, bubble gums, commercial sweeteners, table salt or sugar., potato chips, white pasta, white rice, fried stuff (French fries, fried plantains, fried onions, fried meats), commercial fruit juices, sodas and other chemicalized soft drinks, soymilk, bread with yeast and gluten, cow milk, bagels, canned and packaged foods, raisins and dried fruits, cheese, butter, margarine, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans fats, lards, commercial cereals, hot dogs, sausages, bacons, apple pies, moon pies and pizzas. Just to name a few. Eat farm fresh foods, raw living foods and sprouts prepared by you.

Stress also makes fibroid to grow as well as obesity. Weight loss is recommended because fat cells are tiny estrogen factories. Estrogen provoke fibroids which in turn secret more estrogen which can prevent a woman from getting pregnant.


Inability to Get Pregnant and Uterine Fibroids

Infertility or inability to get pregnant could be caused by uterine fibroids. Fibroid growth causes about 5% of infertility in women hindering them from getting pregnant and conceiving a baby. Fibroids are classified as one of the women fibrosis diseases including endometriosis, ovarian cysts, tubal adhesions, and adenomyosis.

Fibroid increases the risk of not getting pregnant in 3 ways:
  • .Depending on the size and position of the fibroids within the uterus, they can hinder implantation of a fertilized ovum. This is especially true of sub-mucous fibroid.
  • They can get inflammed, causing scarring, pain and fibrosis distorting the architecture of the uterine cavity and provoking tubal adhesions and blockage--which increases the risk of not getting pregnant at all or ectopic pregnancy.
  • Fibroid can worsen the hormonal imbalance or estrogen excess that created it in the first place. The fibroid itself can make more estrogens like fat cells which further goes to create more vicious cycle that complicates infertility.
  • Even when the woman becomes pregnant, fibroids can cause spontaneous abortion in early first trimester. Recurrent early trimester abortion has been classified as infertility as such a risk factor for not getting pregnant by a women in her reproductive period.


Getting Pregnant, Endometriosis, Pau D'arco and Combating Infertility

Endometriosis is one of the common women fibrotic diseases. Meaning that fibrosis and inflammation are central to the disease mechanism. As such, pain and menstrual bleeding are symptoms of this disease. Endometriosis is a common organic cause of infertility in women. Doctors have treated it by surgery, steroids, lupron and pain killers like aspirin, ibuprofen and advil without much success.

Endometriosis occurs when tissues from the inner covering of the uterus or tissues resembling the uterine lining grow outside of the uterus, usually within or adjacent pelvic area, but sometimes spreading to distant organs or tissures of the body as well. This displaced tissue gets inflammed, swells and bleeds wherever it is deposited with every monthly cycle, just as if it were uterine tissue in normal location. This can cause unbearable pain, nausea, heavy menstrual periods, painful intercourse, and unfortunately, infertility. Diagnosis is sometimes difficult, as the symptoms imitate other female fibrotic diseases, such as uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary disease, adenomyosis, irregula menses, endometrial hyperplasia, and PMS (with painful menstruation).

The root cause of endometriosis has not been explored. It has been difficult to determine what causes an endometrial tissues or cells to migrate elsewhere within the human body. There are many unproven theories. However, there are many predisposing or contributory risk factors that have been explained. These include inflammatory foods or drinks like excessive alcohol intake, coffee consumption, hormone imbalances, estrogen excess, progesterone deficiency, distress, low blood glucose, and a deficiency of essential minerals like zinc and magnesium within the body, as well as genetic predisposition. Estrogen mimics like Dioxin and PCB absorption into the body are also contributing risk factors. Dioxins come from bleaching agents, and it is found in everything from processed foods to vaginal tampons.

Natural remedies and Herb combinations have proven to be very beneficial in treating many cases of endometriosis, in non-emergency cases. natural remedy does not always eliminate causes and symptoms of endometriosis, however, given the nature of the disease, herbs should always be coupled with wholistic nutritional, psycho-spiritual pain management and support. Natural remedies are slow, steady and sustained, and should be continued for a length of time to experience maximum benefit. Therefore, you have to be patient and persistent.

The endometriosis patient should change to natural whole food therapy and lifestyle changes by introducing raw, living and green super foods. Animal flesh and fats are toxic to the human specie and can cause inflammation and aggravation of pain sensations. Meats are full of growth hormones and also absorb dioxins, so do your best to avoid fatty meats. Cut down on meat, chicken and turkey. Eat plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables and whole unprocessed grains, as well living foods like sprouts. Avoid the aggravating factors like coffee, alcoholic beverages, fried foods, processed or fast sugars, and chemicalized or packaged foods. Daily dietary supplements should include bee products, vitamins E, vitamin C with citrus bioflavanoids, vitamin A (with Beta carotenes), and adequate dose of vitamin D, bioflavanoids, Essential fatty acids like chia seed oil, and evening primrose oil.

Liver and colon detoxification and cleansing may be necessary to eliminate bioaccummulated toxins. Also engage in light fast of about three days or so, to help cleanse the body and support the liver during treatment. The liver deals with the excess estrogen that is believed to be a causative agent or major contributing factor to endometriosis, so the over-worked liver needs to be supported and detoxified continuosly during treatment.

Start with a liver cleansing herb in combination. Look for supplements that combine milk thistle, dandelion, pau d'arco, yarrow, burdock root and beet root.

You can add black cohosh and essential fatty acids with evening primerose to combat excess estrogen, menstrual pain and inflammation. Wild yam, vitex and sarsaprilla are added to boost progesterone to balance excess estrogen levels.

The new treatment that seem to address all the concerns, causative risk factors, contributing factors and symptoms of endometriosis is systemic (proteolytic) enzymes like nattokinase and serrapeptase. They are anti-oxidative, blood-cleansing, anti-inflammatory, fibrosis combating, immune-modulating and hormone-balancing--among other side benefits. They are sometimes the only remedy for the pain and discomfort when nothing else works. They have been used in opening up a blocked fallopian tube even when surgeries failed or are contra-indicated. They have also been used to prevent recurrent miscarriages which is a type of inflammation leading to fetal rejection. Women with 3 or more miscarriages are classified as infertile.

Get Pregnant by Finding and Fixing Hormonal Imbalance, the Cause of Infertility

The unexplained cause infertility or sub-fertility is the delicate hormonal imbalance of a women in her reproductive period of life. This is the time frame between menarche (first mensis) and menopause when (mensis cease). In men this period is ill-defined and we tend to called it andropause. Majority of infertility other causes are secondary to hormonal imbalance due to bad estrogen (estradiol, E2) dominance over progesterone (hormone of pregnancy or reproduction) or testosterone (controls sexual libido in both men and women). Elevated estrogen also stimulate the pathological rise of another anti-fertility hormone called prolactin (the hormone that prevents pregnancy during lactation). Elevated estradiol also tend to raise another hormone produced by the adrenals called cortisol (a stress hormone along with epinephrine and norepinephrine). Cortisol can raise the level of insulin and can also cause testosterone to be converted to the hormone of hair loss dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is five times more potent than testosterone. DHT along with estrogen (estradiol) are free-radical-generating, inflammatory, auto-immune-generating and fibrosis-striving.

All these hormones are in turn controlled by the brain in a cascade of musical orchestra called the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis (the gonads are sex organs like ovaries in females or testicles in men) Therefore, mental stress or psycho-spiritual factors can cause infertility by distrupting the delicate and intricate hormonal cascade sketched out above.

Let's not forget thyroid hormone in the infertility equation. The thyroid is the butterfly-shaped organ just below the so called Adam's apple (the thyroid cartilage prominence). Estradiol again prevents the uptake of thyroid hormone and prevents thyroid hormone (T4) from being converted to T3 (triidothyronine) the active hormone responsible for metabolism, mood, heat and temperature regulation--among other numerous function. If the thyroid hormone is low, it will signal the body to stop pregnancy and miscarriage may result.
Don't forget the biggest internal organ in the body called the liver. The liver even controls ovulation according to Chinese medicine. This organ is central to hormonal balance and regulation in the human body. All steroid (sex) hormones are made from cholesterol 80% of which is made by the liver. Therefore, proper functioning liver is critical for conception and overall health without which conception cannot happen. The liver eliminates excess estrogen from the body after it has done its job. The liver is like the president of the body and tend to correct derangement of other hormones when it is in top form and function. That's why it's called the liver.
The key in healing infertility is not just eliminating estrogen excess (or progesterone deficiency) but balancing all the hormones because the body craves balance and nature tends towards wholeness. Therefore the treatment of infertility must involve a multi-pronged approach based on wholistic view of the inter-play of all the sex hormones.

Liver friendly diet is the first line of action in correcting hormonal imbalance. This include wholesome living foods, green super foods (cereal grasses) and raw uncooked foods (avocado, tomatoes, mangoes, sprouts, green leavy vegetables) that are rich in enzymes. I have seen raw foods correct hormonal imbalance even without supplements Supplements are necessary but are not substitute for whole unfragmented, unprocessed super food that nourish the body and prime it for fertility ready to carry a baby.

Supplements that correct the hormonal imbalance include magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B-complex especially B6. They also help the detoxification work of the liver along with taurine, choline, lecithin, milk thistle, yellow dock, and dandelion. Estrogen cleanse is a supplement combination of 9 herbs and vitamins that you can use to cleanse excess estradiol and keep your hormones in balance. The ingredients include vitamin C, choline barbiturate, folate, vitamin B12, B6, Diindolylmethane (DIM), d-calcium glucarate, chrysin, and rosemary.
Other psycho-spiritual approaches to reverse infertility is to control stress and distress since the body reacts to stress in the same fashion regardless of the cause: emotional, relational, nutritional, mental, toxic, or physical stress. Support and tender loving care can go a long way in reversing infertility and enhancing fertility as well as conception.

Uzo Onukwugha, MD is a wholistic nutrition-oriented physician who seeks natural remedies to health challenges. For more informatin on how to reverse infertility, boost fertility and conceive a healthy baby, see his website at:


Get Pregnant Fast with EDTA Chelation

One of the leading causes of inability to get pregnant which is unknown in orthodox medicine is artherosclerosis, calcification and solidification of the ovaries. Plaques tend to accumulate with age and must be cleaned if the woman must improve her chances of getting pregnant.

Let me tell you a little about toxin build-up in the body.  With the aging process, the ovaries begin to shut down because of poor blood, less oxygen and nutrient supply. You could say that the ovary is dying of starvation and suffocation. Any nutrient deficient cell is an inefficient and weak cell. As time progresses, the weaker cell is malnourished begin to accumulate more toxins due to lack of drainage. This is because 85% of cellular energy is used for detoxification and drainage which requires a lot of enzymes, nutrients and oxygen. When a gland like the ovary is deprived of nutrients, it begins to slow down to preserve energy leading to further build-up of toxins and debris. This process must be reversed by EDTA chelation, raw food, enzymes, anti-oxidants, alkaline food and adequate oxygenation.

What are heavy metals? Well heavy metals are minerals which are 5,000 times heavier than specific gravity of water. They build-up with time and contaminate our environment, body, soil, food, water and drink. They include lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and nickel--to mention a few. Aaluminium is not a heavy metal but behave as such. Heavy metals cause oxidation, plaques, deplete enzymes, disrupt metabolism, and slow down cellular structure and function causing stagnation. Calcium behaves a heavy metal in an acidic body. Calcium causes artheroslcerosis and calcification of organs and blood vessels thereby compromising their functions. In short, all heavy metal accelerate the aging process and cause hormonal imbalance which is a factor in getting pregnant.

According to Life Extension Foundation, aging is characterized by inflammation, glycosylation and mitochondrial degeneration. These three factors are also seen in the bio-accummulation of arteriosclerotic plaques in the body which affects the woman's physiology and inability to get pregnant. This is because the ovary is hidden in the pelvic cavity and is subject to poor circulation. Heavy metal build-up is part of  atheromatous plaques hindering maturation and release of eggs from the ovaries.
  1. Inflammation is a fancy way of saying the the body is burning (acid burns) within and need alkaline food to neutralize.
  2. Glycosylation or glycation is non-enzymatic oxidation of proteins and fats by sugar molecules. Pretty much like a barbecued meat that was roasted on fire. This shortens the length of the telomere much like eating away the plastic end of your shoe lace.
  3. Mitochondrial degeneration shows that the power house of the cell where energy is produced is gradually decaying. This leads to lack of force or energy to run the metabolism of the body.
Remember that with the aging process, a woman continues to lose eggs daily regardless of conception or no conception. Build up of plaques make the issue worse especially with the woman not associating fertility with eating healthy food. Acidic food, hormones and calcium buildup also lead to inflammation and infertility.

Oral chelation can clean-up of the arteries which can restore circulation and clean the ovaries so that they can start performing once more. In addition to chelation, the infertile woman must switch over to alkaline diet. Full of raw green super foods, sprouts, living food and aggressive supplementation with EDTA, malic acid, NAC and selenium. Zinc is also a heavy metal antagonist and must be taken along with magnesium to balance the hormone also. Heavy metal pollution tend to disrupt the body's delicate hormonal balance. Hormonal balance is necessary to achieve and sustain pregnancy. Synergistic combination of zinc, magnesium and B6 can balance hormones. These supplements are not substitutes to wholesome food intake to help restore the ovaries for vibrant reproductive health. Introduce raw salads like spinach, watercress, tomatoes, bitters, sweet potatoes, fibers and green super foods.

For more information, on how to get pregnant fast, see the pregnancy miracle.


How to Get Pregnant by Changing your Brain Wiring and Psychology

"Everything starts with thinking. Thinking is everything and the brain relays and replays the message accordingly. I if you don't have the right phillosophy, you cannot have the right psychology (mind-set, emotions and volition). Getting pregnant starts with right thinking about conception, pregnancy and reproduction. The law of process first demands that you have to get pregnant in your head before you carry the baby in your hands. The brain feeds on information and the right information is transformation just as the greatest prescription is knowledge." --Uzo Onukwugha, MD

I talked to a lady yesterday looking for the fruit of the womb. She became interested in what I had to say about the brain and how to get pregnant. I was telling her how psychology affect the mind, the mood and the emotions. That Chinese doctors believe that a doctor would rather treat ten men than one woman. This is because of complexity and inter-play of delicate women hormone modulation. That a woman's greatest conception organ is her brain and that the brain controls everything. I further told her that even mental stress can shut down a woman's ability to get pregnant. The long distance phone line cut and she called me back almost immediately because she wanted to her more.

A doctor who evaluated me for not getting pregnant told me something about the brain and ovulation: "Your brain is not giving your ovaries instructions to release enough eggs from your ovaries and that's why you are not getting pregnant."

I told her that the doctor was right on the spot. We now know about psyo-endocrinology. This is a fancy way of saying that the release of the eggs by reproductive organs (the gonads) are controlled by the emotional brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus releases a hormone called GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing-hormones) which in turn stimulate the pituitary gland at the base of the brain to release FSH and LH both of which stimulate the maturation and release of both the egges (seed of the woman) and the sperms (seed of the man).

Follicle stimulating hormone does what the name suggests: it stimulates the maturation of ovarian follicles which are cells surrounding the immature eggs in the ovary.FSH also timulates the ovary to make estrogen whicn in turn make the eggs to grow and mature with the ovary. FSH helps to mature and get the eggs ready and LH surge in mid-cycle for a woman with regular 28 day cycle helps to release the eggs. And if you can't mature and release the eggs, you cannot get pregnant. On the other hand, the man needs LH to stimulate testosterone which in turn stimulate the production and maturation of viable sperm in the testicles affecting male potency.

Just to give you a glimpse of what the brain can do to influence your getting pregnant biochemically, physiologically and psychologically. Know that you can only materialize what you mentalized. You have to change your mental concepts about getting pregnant upstairs first before you get pregnant physically in your womb. The mind is the man and where the mind goes, the man follows. Therefore, change what you are thinking, what you're saying, eating and drinking if you must get pregnant. In success, everything counts.


Getting Pregnant by Reversing Endometriosis with Pau D'arco and Natural Remedies

How to Get Pregnant with Pau D'arco and Combat Endometriosis and Infertility

This edometriosis article centers around pau d'arco and why it is used as a medicinal plant to treat endometriosis and reverse one of the common causes of inability of a woman to get pregnant. Then I will examine how pau d'arco can help reverse infertility, boost fertility and enhance the ability of a woman to get pregnant.

Pau D'arco Described

Pau D'Arco is extracted from the inner bark of Tabebuia trees that grows in the rain forest of both Central and South America. The tree is a hard wood and tend to withstand harsh weather conditions. The main active ingredients are the quinones such as napthaquinones, naphthofurandiones, anthroquinones and lapachol which is well-known. Pau D'Arco has been consumed by the natives to help promote wellness on a number of levels. More recent scientific research indicate that Pau D'Arco helps to support healthy bacteria intestinal flora. It has also been recommeded that Pau D'Arco may assist the body in supporting healthy cell growth and possesses powerful antioxidant properties among other uses.

Pau d'arco come in different formulations and are very popular herb preparation sold in many health food stores across the nation and the internet. It is marketed alone or in combination as a liver tonic, blood cleanser, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer agent. Therefore, pau d'arco can be used in any condition where there is abnormal growth in the body. By the way, any growth, tumors, cysts, diverticulosis, warts or swelling in the body is abnormal and can be dissolved using the inner bark where the active ingredient is concentrated. This is where the use of pau d'arco in treating endometriosis kicks in.

The general ingredient responsible for therapeutic action of pau d'arco is a class of compounds called naphthoquinones which comes from the whole pieces of the inner back. The more popular lapachol is just an isolate from this bunch. Many herbalists prefer the main active ingredient than the extract believing that they may miss other undiscovered healing nutrients.


Endometriosis Explained

Endometriosis is the the medical name given to the abnormal deposition of the uterine lining (or seedlings) elsewhere inside the body other than inside the uterus. Endometrium is the carpet or rug that lines inside of the womb which makes it thick, nice, rosy and juicy for implantation of the fertilized egg if conception happens to occur; If not, the body sheds it every month as menstrual bleeding. And the cycle begins again for another opportunity to get pregnant during the reproductive period of a woman's life (this is the time interval between menarche and menopause).

However, when this abnormal endometrial tissue is deposited elsewhere for some unknown reasons, disease and danger strikes. Some natural physicians believe that the lymphatic system metastasis is involved in the spread without grounds to their assertions. However, these abnormal seedlings could be deposited in any organ like the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterine cervix, the vagina, peritoneum, umblical cord stump, adjacent bladder, colorectal region, small intestines, liver, kidneys or even as far as the brain.
In these areas, it does worst than when it is at its normal location: there is free-radical release, oxidative stress, tissue inflammation, unbearable pains, vaginal bleeding, irregular menses, menorrhagia, pelvic bloating, cyst formation, fibrosis, scarring, hormonal imbalance, infections, secondary ovarian failure and of course, infertility. These nasty symptoms coincides with the menstrual cycle as expected. Some of these symptoms may continue even after the woman's monthly cycle.

When you see a suffix at the end of a word ending with " --osis" or "--itis" you know that inflammation is at the heart beat of the problem. Of course excess estrogen levels (estradiol is the bad estrogen) are elevated and contribute to oxidative damage, inflammations, pain sensation and fibrosis and scar tissue build-up. To add to the vicious cycle, the abnormal endometrial tissues also secret more estrogen named estradiol which in turn provoke more inflammation, immune reaction, tissue fibrosis, multiple ovarian cysts, scar tissues formation, and hormonal imbalance and inability to get pregnant. Taking pau d'arco tea taken 3 or 4 times a day may addres many of these symptoms with time.


Health Benefits of Pau D'arco and Why it Can Heal Enodmetriosis

Pau D'arco is anti-inflammatory, immune modifying, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and hormone modulating. Pau d'arco also help in the detoxification work of the liver and it's a well-known blood purifier. It can also kill candida albicans which is a common cause or contributor to leaky gut syndrome, auto-immune disorders, systemic inflammation, degenerative diseases, itching and pain of various intensities. Therefore, anti-yeast therapy is vital for the healing of many tissues regardless of the cause
As mentioned before, researchers have equated pau d'arco with some potent anti-fungal pharmaceuticals like ketoconazole. As such it can be used to cure fungal infections both systemic and local as vaginal douche application to cure vaginal candidiasis. Most herbalists suggest a vaginal tea douches for this purpose. The anti-inflammatory and anti-candidiasis actions seem to restore the lining of the vagina back to normal anatomy and physiology. As regards to genital warts, direct application of pau d'arco ointment or tincture allows the anti-viral principle in the inner bark to work directly on the affected tissues and kill the virus.

In short pau d'arco could be used to support a sluggish liver, cleanse the blood, reverse inflammation, eliminate abnormal growth, tumor overgrowth and cysts may be associated with endometriosis.
As always, combine pau d'arco with other synergistic herbs to get better therapeutic effect because natural remedies tend to work as team. It makes sense to combine pau d'arco with progesterone enhancing herbs like sarsaparilla, chaste berry (vitex) and Ayurvedic herb called ashwagandha. Pau d'arco deals with the cyst formation and tissue overgrowth related to endometriosis while sarsaparilla help raise the level of progesterone to balance estrogen excess which often goes with symptoms of endometriosis. Ashwagandha is well-know in Ayurvedic medicine of India as an adaptogenic herb that modulates adrenal stress and reduce the effect of cortisol excess; again helping with hormonal imbalance. For extra therapeutic benefit and more hormone balancing effects, most herbalists go extra mile to add herbs like ginger, turmeric, cayenne, golden seal, gentian, false unicorn, uva ursi, crampbark, and blessed thistle. Massive doses of vitamin C with citrus bioflavanoids are recommended for anti-oxidant  protection as well as help modulate the immune system and combat adrenal exhaustion.
Because of it's tumor-shrinking and immune-system modulating effect, some herbalists recommend pau d'arco for strengthening the immune deficiency in cancer, HIV (or AIDS) and chronic fatigue syndrome. However, I believe that systemic (proteolytic) enzymes far better than pau d'arco's role in addressing cancer or endometriosis


Systemic Enzymes--Nattokinase and Serrapeptase are More Effective Than Pau D'arco in Combating the Root Causes and All Major Symptoms of Endometriosis

Systemic enzymes can perfectly in the absence of pau d'arco; but pau d'arco can't work as well in endometriosis without these proteolytic enzymes. Systemic enzymes work far better and quicker to cbombat the root causes of all symptoms characteristic of endometriosis and many women fibrotic diseases that contribute to infertility like fibroids, adenomyosis, endometrial hyperplasia, tubal adhesions, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Having said all this, my favorite for combating all the pains and complications of endometriosis is systemic (proteolytic) enzymes. In fact, without these systemic blend of enzymes, herbs, vitamin supplements and minerals don't work very well. I tend to call them the missing link in the management of endometriosis. They are safe, sustained and very effective--they are systemic enzymes because they work throughout the body organs and systems through the blood circulation. They are proteolytic because they are protein-dissolving enzymes and eat up the fibrin proteins that cause all tissue fibrosis, scarring, pain and inflammations. The two rising stars are serrapeptase and nattokinase which combat free-radical release, oxidative stress, inflammations, fibrosis, pains, blood detoxification, hormone-balancing, tumor-dissolving, immune-modulating, tissue repair and regeneration. I have used these enzymes to dissolve overgrowth in reproductive organs in all women fibrotic diseases like endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary disease, anovulation, lazy ovary and tubal blockage (secondary to adhesions).  Systemic enzymes are also metabolic enzymes that work because they address the main causes and concerns of endometriosis which are inflammation and fibrosis that cause the pain sensations. I have used this set of enzymes to combat infertility. I used these enzymes in addition to herbal bitters like gentian and liver support herbs to help women get pregnant in cases of fallopian tube blockage secondary to fibrotic adhesions.

For the past 40 years or so, doctors in Europe and Japan have used systemic enzymes (nattokinase and serrapeptase) to treat endometriosis long before it entered the United States market. Many doctors are still prescribing out-dated side-effect-prone drugs like danazol and lupron; nasty pain killers like  asprin, ibuprofen,  aleve and advil.  Some are still using steroids which may worsen  infertility symptoms without lasting pain relief. Pau d'arco does not even address the excruciating pain of endometriosis like systemic enzymes.

Pau D'arco Forms, Blends, Potency and Dosages

Pau d'arco can be fashioned in different forms including tablets, tinctures, softgel, capsules, herb teas, liquid, ointment and powder forms. I don't like tinctures because they may contain alcohol; tablets are full of  fillers, and binders; soft gels are encapsulated oils preparations, not common and may not work as well; capsules are reduced powders in gelatin and are not potent; ointment and powders are less common and lose their potency with time. I mentioned most of all these other preparations of pau d'arco to dismiss them. I have tried the capsule and did not notice any difference--I think it was a waste of money.

The only effective preparations are the standardized liquid extract and the tea or dried herbs made from the inner bark where the active ingredient is concentrated. You must drink the tea 3 or 4 times a day before you see great results especially for cancer patients or endometriosis. Note that most formulation from the outer bark is ineffective regardless of dosage. These tend to be cheaper and more common with manufacturers. Be careful in your search and selections.

As I mentioned before, researchers have isolated some powerful anti-infective, anti-inflammatory plant healing chemicals from the Tabebuia trees called naphthoquinones. Of these extracts, lapachol seems to be the most studied Therefore the best formulation for internal complaints are standardized extracts of active ingredients containing 2-7% lapachol which may be difficult to achieve. A more plausible alternative is to have 3% of the more comprehensive naphthoquinones. Some herbalist prefer this formulation and consider it superior because it is a whole compound rather than reduced isolated ingredient which may lack other healing ingredients yet to be identified.

Pau D'arco Drug Herb Interactions and Possible Side Effects

Pau d'arco should not be taken by patients with blood dyscrasias (hemophiliacs, Glucose-6-Phosphate Deficiency), bleeding disease or by those who are taking anti-coagulants like heparin, coumadin, steroids or aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It's because as an anti-inflammatory compound and blood cleanser, pau d'arco also has blood thinning effect.

Under normal dose and circumstances, the tea or supplement is safe, but because of idiosyncratic reactions, some people may complain of stomach upset. They are advised to take it with food instead of empty stomach. However, if stomach upset continues thereafter, stop the herb.

More than therapeutic dose may cause nausea, vomiting and excessive bleeding.

As an exogenous herb, the effect of pau d'arco tend to wean between 6 months to 1 year. Six months is a long time to notice an effect and improvement regardless of treating cancer or endometriosis.

The safety of pau d'arco has not been established in pregnancy, and lactation, avoid during these periods. Also safety standards have not been established in new babies.

Dosage for specific Diseases

For cancer and endometriosis or infertility, take 1 teaspoonful of the standardized liquid extract diluted in water 3 times daily. As for the tea preparation of the inner or the dried leaves, drink a minimum of 3 cups daily. Remember, pau d'arco effects starts kicking in after one month. You have to be patient and persistent.

Also, don't forget that the way of nature is to work as a team. You must take herbal combinations for faster result. For even quicker result, add digestive and systemic enzymes for efficient bioavailability and utilization of nutrients. In fact, without enzymes, all your vitamins, plant nutrients and minerals don't work as well.



I will rather use pau d'arco as one of many supportive herbs or supplements rather than the main treatment for endometriosis or infertility. Usually there are many herbs that can combat stress, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, scarring and pain of endometriosis. Most of these concerns can be addressed with a blend of potent proteolytic (systemic) enzymes containing nattokinase and serrapeptase. Dietry and lifestyle changes is essential in pain management of endometriosis or infertility which is what make people come to hospital to see a doctor. You have to support the enzymes with wholesome alkaline, anti-inflammatory diet of green superfoods, raw fruits and green-leafy vegetables. Stop all inflammatory foods and allergens (allergy causing) like soy products, wheat, dairy, peanuts, sugars of all kinds, hormone-laden meats, junk food, processed foods, packaged foods, crispy and fried foods of all kinds. Prescription drugs are synthetic chemicals that can provoke allergy, inflammation and organ failure especially pain killers can erode your stomach, knock out your kidney and liver. Avoid them at all cost

One of the greatest mistakes people make in endometriosis and infertility is not associating their problems with what they are putting into their mouth. Even food supplements are not food substitutes. Supplements add to your diet and should not exclude adequate nutrition which is the epicenter or health. Even diet comes before detoxification because toxins can cause or aggravate pain of endometriosis. Detoxification cleans all the organs and give them time to heal while removing the road-blocks to natural healing and pain control. Any therapy without nutrition is blind and incomplete medicine.