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Get pregnant by Overcoming a Lazy Ovary

Lazy ovary on its own is one of the common organic causes of infertility or inability of a healthy woman to get pregnant despite several attempts.

A woman visits her infertility doctor and he tells her that one of her pairs of ovary is lazy and does not produce eggs because the ovarian follicles don't seem to be developing or enlarging within the ovary to nourish the eggs. There is no internal evidence of egg maturation and ovulation or release of eggs from the lazy side. Just as people could have dorminant hand or dominant ear which could be lelft or right, so is the ovaries. Genenerally, there is always a dorminant ovary--the active one; and the lazy ovary the inactive or atrophic one. It could be the left or right depending on genetic programming.

Lazy ovary could be caused by hereditory weakness, hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, aging process, poor circulation due to plaques, or acid degeneration within the ovaries. It could also be due to toxic pollution of the ovaries by heavy metals. Remember that the ovaries are prone to poor blood supply, nutrient depletion and oxygen deprivation compared to other organs like the liver and the kidneys. Moreover the lazy ovary seem to be affected by toxins more because a weak organ always shuts down to preserve energy. Any weak organ is also prone to toxin accumulation because of anerobic glycolysis. Any weak cell is an inefficient cell and does not perform as well. Atrophy is the fancy name given to a weak organ that shrinks because of lack of nutrients. That's why the lazy ovary or ovaries look smaller than normal. The cells that produce eggs within the ovary seem to be replaced with fibers or cysts and can't reproduce as usual. Endometriosis in one of the ovaries can cause scarring and shrinking. This is why lazy overy is one of the major reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant.

Externally there may or may not be symptoms and it is only discovered on routine examination or infertility evaluation. A a lazy ovary may be accompanied by irregular menses due to increasing FSH trying to stimulate the ovaries. The menstraul cycle may be regular 28 days for two months and subsequent couple of months may switch to 34 day cycle without evidence of ovulation judging from the test with ovulation kit. The progesterone may be low. This is why lazy ovary is associated with progesterone deficiency--the so called luteal phase deficiency.

What happens is that after ovulation, the yellowish body that remains is called corpus luteum. Corpus is latin for body and luteum means yellow. Therefore, corpus luteum means yellowish body. It is this organ that secretes progesterone. Without ovulation, there is no corpus luteum without which there is little or no progesterone. This causes estrogen action to remain unopposed and perpetuate infertility.

Sometimes a lazy ovary may be a good indication for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) like IVF or IUI especially if it is associated with tubal blockage from adhesions or fibrosis on the dominant working ovary. Of course, a women can have all her kids with only one active ovary as long as the fallopian tube is patent and healthy.

To get pregnant, you must overcome lazy ovary to increase your chances. You have to nourish the ovary back to optimum health and function. Give the body adequate amount of right nutrients, oxygen through alkaline diet, systemic enzyme therapy as well as aggressive detoxification and colon cleansing. I found that the liver and blood cleansing is necessary before the ovaries bounces back to life. Green super food like wheat cereal grasses, sprouts, and raw wholesome foods like tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, broccoli and bitters that help the detoxification work of the liver. The ovaries love zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-complex which also balances the hormones which is critical in ovarian retoration, ovulation and getting pregnant.

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